In 1988 I was 9 years old. This was also the year when the single most exciting thing I could ever imagine happened to me, as well as the single most traumatic (note: to a 9 year old). ALL IN THE SAME DAY. Here’s what went down: Every year in school we’d have a roller-skating trip. […]

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First Light

The first thing I thought of this morning was you, You’re the last thought I have before I go to sleep, too.   Inspired by The Daily Post, First Light

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Where did he go?

Last year in the U.S. alone more than nine hundred thousand people were reported missing and not found… That’s out of three hundred million, total population. That breaks down to about one person in three hundred and twenty five vanishing. Every year… Maybe it’s a coincidence, but it’s almost the same loss ratio experienced by […]

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The First 30 Minutes

0: Alarm goes off. 0-1: Fumble around in the dark with your hand. Press snooze button. Hopefully. 2-9: Fall asleep again immediately, have what seems like the longest dream ever. 10: Alarm goes off again. Be amazed by the fact that only 10 minutes have gone by and you are even more tired this time around. 11-15: Dog […]

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