The First 30 Minutes

0: Alarm goes off. 0-1: Fumble around in the dark with your hand. Press snooze button. Hopefully. 2-9: Fall asleep again immediately, have what seems like the longest dream ever. 10: Alarm goes off again. Be amazed by the fact that only 10 minutes have gone by and you are even more tired this time around. 11-15: Dog […]

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Just a quick update- I woke up yesterday morning to a knock on my door. Apparently my wallet was returned to me! I have no details about who found it or where they found it, because whoever dropped it off left it with my super and he’s a man of few words. But I got […]

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Last night as I was coming home, I got out of the cab and immediately realized I’d left my wallet in the back seat. I called the dispatch service and reported it, I had a receipt for the cab number and everything, so I was pretty confident they’d call me back and be like, oh […]

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A Blessing In Disguise

Goddamnit life, GODDAMNIT. Just when I’m getting comfortable with things, you have to go and screw everything up. I just have to get this out of my system: I feel better now. But ok, I’ll be honest, sometimes it’s good to shake things up a bit. Sometimes I get stuck in a routine that I’m […]

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No Time To Waste

Life is too short to dwell. Lately I’ve been confronted with some past issues, that I thought were long gone and resolved. And I suppose they were, in my mind anyway. But some people hold onto these things, they like to rehash them over and over again. Like picking a scab so that it won’t […]

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Proud to be Canadian

I strongly admire the way the Canadian media has dealt with the recent events in Ottawa. I don’t feel qualified, nor it necessary, to add my opinion on what went down, but I did want to contribute by also focusing on those that should be called out, in situations like this. When I saw Nathan Cirillo was from Hamilton, […]

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