Another logo/patch idea I worked on today, for my boyfriend’s band DieSciFi. I’ll probably be adding at least another one tomorrow!   Ok update! Despite the fact that I like the minimalist hipster-y design of the above logo, I was given instructions to make something more “military”-esque, and they wanted an atom thingy with just […]

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I Made This

It’s the March Break! And since I work at a school this actually applies to me for the first time in a billion years! My school, being a foncy private school, gets two weeks off as well. Although, I should point out that I am still working, however, it’s quiet without all the students and […]

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Blue Is The Warmest Color

I don’t usually say things like this, but this movie was gorgeous in every possible way. Before I even write about it, I just have to appreciate how even the alternate covers and fan-created art are beautiful in themselves: Also titled A Vida de Adèle, Capítulos 1 e 2 (The Life Of Adèle, Chapters 1 & 2), […]

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Beautiful Gradients

Every once in awhile (ok, pretty much every day because there is a lot of awesome stuff out there) I stumble across a cool web development/design website that is just so awesome and so handy that I am compelled to share it. I love that people go out of their way to make the internet […]

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