New Music! March 2015! Girly Stuff!

In celebration of it finally not being negative FIVE BILLION DEGREES in Canada, I thought I’d do a new music post with some of the exciting/awesome stuff that’s been coming out recently.

First up is Grimes, with a new single called REALiTi, which is no longer going to be released on her album, so here it is ahead of time and for our listening pleasure!

Next is Girlpool, who are releasing a new album called Before The World Was Big, on June 2. I think this song will be on there…. I think. Either way, it’s great:

So this is a weird one: Scarlett Johansson has joined forces with Este Haim and others to form ‘super-pop’ group The Singles. EXCITING? Listen to… the single, Candy:

Warpaint, who I’ve been a fan of forever and I think deserve WAY more attention, have a new single out, I’ll Start Believing/No Way Out and it’s wonderful (sorry this is Spotify Canadians, unless you wanna “hack it” like I do, you won’t be able to listen 😦 ):

Aaaand lastly, here’s a new track by Skating Polly called Benny Once Told Me (god I love them), also check out the channel Girl Gang TV because it ROCKS:


Happy Almost Spring!


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