I Made This

It’s the March Break! And since I work at a school this actually applies to me for the first time in a billion years! My school, being a foncy private school, gets two weeks off as well. Although, I should point out that I am still working, however, it’s quiet without all the students and teachers, and we get to wear jeans/whatever we want, and I’m taking a super long 4 day weekend in the midst of all of it, so yeah, it’s an exciting time here. In any case, it’s a bit slow, so I thought I’d made another blog post since I haven’t been posting much on account of work being SUPER busy, prior to this week anyway. So here are a couple things I’ve been working on to amuse myself.

I made this DieSciFi logo because I was thinking about how cool the Transformers logo and other 80’s graphic design was:


Oh, I should mention DieSciFi is my boyfriend’s band and they are awesooooooooooooooome! So listen to them IMMEDIATELY.

And then I got into a hipster mood and made this:


Which I can’t even look at without wanting to change a hundred things about it, but alas, here it is on the internet for everyone to see. If you were wondering, the quote is from a Julianna Hatfield song called Universal Heartbeat, which never fails to bring me back to being 15 years old and grunge and bad teenage poetry and taping songs off of the radio and I’m old, etc. Here’s the video, in all of it’s mid-90’s glory:

Still good!

And lastly, since we’re going for the whole retro feel today, I made this logo for my band, CLEARLYYYYYY inspired by the 80’s, which I only vaguely remember, and mostly the only thing I can recall is the cartoons I watched:


So I guess I’m feeling inspired by the 80’s and 90’s today, to varying degrees. Also enjoying working on some design-y type things, it’s been awhile since I’ve had the chance!


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