10 Random Things I Would Un-Invent, If I Had The Power

  1. conspiracy theorists (get an actual hobby you weirdos, and stop making everyone feel bad)
  3. chocolate (I’m sorry chocolate, I love you but you’re killing me)
  4. bus drivers (just replace them with robots?)
  5. astrology (I just cannot accept that there are only 12 different personality types on the entire planet, I just cannot)
  6. water bottles that make the crinkle-crinkle sound (I hate that sound, I just want to drink my water quietly)
  7. dog poop (no explanation necessary)
  8. cable television (who over the age of 50 actually pays for cable anymore?)
  9. bad porn (don’t get me wrong, there’s some pretty hot porn out there. But the majority of it is unrealistic, misogynistic, and frankly warping the minds of people [ahem guys] everywhere. There is a subtle distinction here between a healthy sexuality and expression of that, and I don’t know, rosebudding. You know what I mean? Anyway, I could go on about this, but perhaps not today…)
  10. work (seriously, I just wish I was sleeping right now)

Inspired by The Daily Post: Undo


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