Just a quick update- I woke up yesterday morning to a knock on my door. Apparently my wallet was returned to me! I have no details about who found it or where they found it, because whoever dropped it off left it with my super and he’s a man of few words. But I got […]

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Last night as I was coming home, I got out of the cab and immediately realized I’d left my wallet in the back seat. I called the dispatch service and reported it, I had a receipt for the cab number and everything, so I was pretty confident they’d call me back and be like, oh […]

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A Blessing In Disguise

Goddamnit life, GODDAMNIT. Just when I’m getting comfortable with things, you have to go and screw everything up. I just have to get this out of my system: I feel better now. But ok, I’ll be honest, sometimes it’s good to shake things up a bit. Sometimes I get stuck in a routine that I’m […]

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Weekly-ish Instagram Roundup!

I say weekly-ish because I’m pretty sure it’s been two weeks, although I’m too lazy to navigate over to my blog and check. Either way, here are my instagram photos from the past couple of weeks or so! The First Snow aka My Life Is Over Until Spring. I had a friend from Korea and […]

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Good Things

You know how Oprah used to do┬áher good things segments, or whatever they’re called, where she gives away a whole bunch of expensive free stuff and the crowd goes insane? Well, here’s my version of that, except you’ll have to go buy them/check them out all on your own. Still! You won’t be disappointed, I […]

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