Weekly Instagram Roundup

It was a good week for the most part! Somewhat unrelated, I’m sad that Olivia Chow did not win the mayoral election here in Toronto tonight, but at least the Ford’s are out. THANK YOU JESUS. I know the rest of the world may miss the hilarious hijinks of our crack-smoking mayor and his family, […]

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The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.

I’ve found the reactions to the recent CBC announcement regarding the termination of Jian Ghomeshi very interesting… and troublesome. I won’t summarize the events, because they’re better addressed elsewhere, and frankly at this point I’m unsure of the facts so I’d rather reserve judgement (somewhat). What has made this all so much more interesting to me, […]

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New Music! October 2014

It’s Mondayyyyy! And since that sucks hardcore, here’s some new and exciting music news to help you get over the trauma of being at work today. First, in the works right now is a brand new Drive soundtrack called Radio 1 Rescores: Drive – Curated by Zane Lowe, and in case you didn’t know, it was super awesome […]

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Proud to be Canadian

I strongly admire the way the Canadian media has dealt with the recent events in Ottawa. I don’t feel qualified, nor it necessary, to add my opinion on what went down, but I did want to contribute by also focusing on those that should be called out, in situations like this. When I saw Nathan Cirillo was from Hamilton, […]

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I Have Opinions!!!!

So, how about that thing with Renee Zellweger? At this point I’m sure you probably know that a couple days ago Renee Zellweger appeared in public looking really different, and this made HUGE NEWS because well, I’m not going to get into that or go in this direction, but let’s just all accept for the […]

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Finite Creatures

I almost died once when I was a kid. I have no recollection of it at all. My brother and I were out back, probably swimming? Maybe playing on the grass? There was a barbecue, I think. We were eating hot dogs. I was eating and, I guess I swallowed too big of a piece. I […]

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